Thick whitish vaginal discharge

The majority of people who contract this disease have no symptoms. It may be vaginal lubrication that you notice when you are aroused, which helps make penetration easy. You have burning with urination or other urinary symptoms. Understand what normal vaginal discharge looks like. Itching of the skin of the vagina and the surrounding area vulva may be present along with vaginal discharge. If you have additional symptoms such as itching and burning sensation you may have yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis a strong odor usually indicates bacterial vaginosis. Abnormal discharge is a discharge that is brown , green, yellow, or cloudy and has a strong odor. Top 10 Types and their significance 1 Thick white clumpy discharge 2 Thick white gooey discharge 3 Thick white creamy vaginal discharge 4 Thick milky white discharge 5 Thick white discharge with odor 6 Thick white jelly discharge 7 Thick white discharge without odor 8 Thick white sticky vaginal discharge 9 Thick white discharge then brown discharge 10 Thick white discharge mixed with blood 10 Types of Thick Discharge [Summary] Thick white discharge during pregnancy Thick white vaginal discharge during early pregnancy Thick white discharge during pregnancy in the third trimester Thick white discharge during ovulation Thick white discharge causes Thick white discharge after sex When to see a doctor the about thick white vaginal discharge? This website is designed for educational and informational purposes only, and the content herein should not be mistaken for professional health advice.
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What Does Thick White Discharge Indicate?

It is the discharge that we content with for most of our monthly cycle. Wait for your test results. Pregnancy and sexual arousal can also cause an increase in white discharge. This could be caused by over-washing the genital area, using bubble bath, or have recently changed your sexual partner. During ovulation, your cervix produces mucus that is of an egg white consistency and color. A discharge after ovulation is for making sex more effective for pregnancy. The one consistent characteristic in this discharge is the foul fishy odor. The discharge may be:.
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Vaginal Discharge: What’s Abnormal?

Women may see thick white discharge during ovulation. However, if you smell something out of the ordinary, there is cause for concern. Yeast infections do not usually produce a strong scent. Each of these cases is an indication of something out of the norm. This is especially noticeable in the last few weeks before delivery, when discharge can become thicker and more voluminous. It could be a yeast infection if its color is green or yellow. You can also make your own pantyliners out of fabrics you have around the house, or bought from a craft store, if you want a cheaper and more natural solution.
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Description:It may be vaginal lubrication that you notice when you are aroused, which helps make penetration easy. Always use protection if you have a new sexual partner or multiple sexual partners. This is a way to check for the size, shape, and position of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, which could affect your fertility and health. Examine the symptoms of your discharge for obvious signs of yeast infection, thick and lumpy , bacterial vaginosis, itchy, burning, and smelly and other potential causes. White and thick discharge indicates something else. Cynthia White on MedlinePlus says that sexual arousal can increase the amount of mucus your cervix excretes. Vaginal discharge is the fluid that is produced by the vagina to lubricate and clean it.

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